The little cardboard tubes from toilet rolls are something just about everyone will have in their house. Start saving yours because we have found tons of awesome makes! We’ll post up the fantastic projects we’ve seen, and even thought up ourselves, as we make them.

Cardboard Critters

To get us started is a very basic but fun arty make, you will need a cardboard loo roll tube, glue, scissors, pens and any bits of paper, material, glitter, paints, stickers etc you may want to add. The aim is to transform your plain old cardboard tube into a person, an animal or even a crazy creature you’ve made up yourself! We decided to make a mouse and after we’ve shown you how, you can take a look at pictures of other awesome ideas we’ve seen to get your imagination whirling…

We at Ruby Makes… are real bookworms and one of the best arty books we’ve ever bought is 365 Things to do with Paper and Cardboard, by Usborne Activities.

Which is where we found the idea for our cardboard mouse:

Using a piece of card, or even a spare loo roll, you cut out ears, arms, feet, a tail and a nose which you glue on to the main tube. Once this is done you decorate your mouse by either painting or drawing on details, cutting and sticking from coloured paper (you could use pictures from magazines, sweet wrappers, wrapping paper, plain paper you’ve decorated, stickers – anything you like!) until you’re happy with your design.

If you have lots of toilet rolls, you could make a mouse family, a pirate crew, a mouse fashion show – or even use your mice as puppets and put on a play.

This is our finished mouse:

And here are some other fantastic ideas we’ve spotted on our internet travels:

Totem Pole from DLTK Kids

Owls from Decoideas

Bat from TPcraft

Snake from Preschool Crafts For Kids

What did you make?