Yes, we double checked, it IS the summer holidays, but the rain just doesn’t seem to want to stop. Playing in the rain is great fun, but there are only so many times your mum can bear to see you tromping in and out with wet, muddy clothes before she declares, “That’s it, you’re not allowed outside!”

We at Ruby Makes… are here to tell you, it’s all good! We have lots of indoor fun for you to get stuck in to.

The Really Easy Racetrack Game

Here’s another recycled loo roll make that’s super easy and lots of fun.

You will need LOTS of loo roll tubes, some scissors, some sellotape and some small toy cars. Cut all of your tubes in half, then tape the halves together like this:

We made two separate tracks, but you can make more depending on how many people want to play.  Make sure you overlap them all in the same way (ie, over or under the tube you’re taping to), so when you race you can have all the joins facing down and your car won’t get caught on any bits of card that may be sticking up:

Tape together as many rolls as you like. We only had enough tubes to get part way down the stairs today, but imagine a racetrack as long as your entire staircase!

Tape your separate tracks together, side by side, and check they are the same length. Now, you’re ready to race.

Prop your tracks on the stairs, hold your cars in place, count to three and GO!!

More indoor makes on their way, so stay tuned 🙂