This is quite a big make, so we’re going to post it up in three stages:

  • Making the house
  • Decorating the house
  • Furnishing the house

Everything in the house will be handmade, including the dolls. We’ve had lots of fun designing and brainstorming for this project, so we hope you will enjoy making along with us!

Making The House

You will need:

2 cardboard shoe boxes with removable lids




pva glue


white paint

a pen or pencil

  • First, select which box you are going to use for your main house – the largest box is best – and put it to one side (fig. 1)
  • We’re going to start by making a roof, which will also provide a third/attic floor for the house. Take the lid off your spare box and put to one side. Cut one end off the box (fig. 2)
  • Now cut right down the sides stopping at the other end (fig. 3)
  • Flatten the box out so it looks like the picture in fig. 4
  • If your boxes are the same size you can skip to the next photo diagram. If, like us, your spare box is smaller you will need to place the house box on your flattened card and mark where the edges are (fig.5 & 6)


  • All of the area between the lines will be the floor, press hard over the lines (using a ruler) with your pen or pencil so that you can fold up the sides to form a triangle roof shape, trim it if you need to and tape this in place (fig. 1)
  • Now, using the natural crease of the box, fold the triangle back on to the card and draw around the triangle, to form the back wall of the attic (fig. 2)
  • Cut it out and tape it in place (fig. 3)
  • Take your roof and tape it firmly to the top of your house box (fig. 4 & 5)


  • To make the second floor we just need to divide the main box using card from the spare box (you might need to use the lid for this) Measure a piece of card and make sure it fits, it should be tight rather than loose (fig. 1)
  • Roll up a piece of newspaper in to a tight tube and tape it so it doesn’t unroll. Cut it in to two pieces and tape them to either side of the box, these will be our supports (like on a shelf) to slide the floor in and keep it in place (fig. 2)
  • Insert the floor and tape firmly in place to the supports (fig. 3) We put tape on the top and underneath.


  • Next we need to make sure the lid of our house box (which will be the front of our house) fits around the roof. So, start by cutting slits down each end and measuring it against the roof. Mark where the triangle of the roof starts and trim these bits off your lid (fig.1 & 2)
  • Then using a bit of card from your spare box, mark out the rest of the triangle and tape it to the lid so it matches the shape of the house and roof (fig. 3)
  • Now you need to make sides so that it fits like a proper lid on to the main house. We used the sides from the lid of the spare box, which we trimmed to fit (fig. 4)
  • Tape the sides firmly on, use as much tape as you need so it’s sturdy, taping the apex together aswell. Check it fits your house box and that’s the main construction done! (fig. 5 & 6)


  • With all that tape everywhere it’s going to be hard to get your paint to stick, so we’re going to give the outside of the house a layer of paper mache. Mix some pva glue with a little water and use this to glue strips of newspaper all over the outside of the lid and box.
  • The next day, when it’s completely dry, you can give your paper mache a few coats of white paint.

Ok, that’s all for today. Check back on Sunday for the next step in our dollhouse DIY…interior and exterior decorating!