It’s not reaaally that we’ve been slacking, honest! Just with the whole back to school thing and then trying to cram weekends with fun stuff (sorry school, but we’re just not that in to you!) the project got a little neglected.

But fear not! Ruby has spent the past few evenings making with a vengeance, so whilst we have yet to make our dolls, we have enough furniture to give you some inspiration.

Making Furniture

You Will Need:

Small cardboard boxes, eggboxes etc


PVA glue






Pipe cleaners

Pictures from magazines etc

We love recycling and junk modelling really is the way forward here. Experiment, get creative – here’s what Ruby has come up with plus some other ideas from the ‘net 🙂


  • The cooker is a small box (that contained stock cubes) painted, details added with pens and paint.
  • The kettle is a section cut from a cardboard roll (clingfilm, much thinner than the ones they use for loo rolls), with a handle from card/ paper and a spout and cord from pipe cleaners.
  • The mirror and framed picture are made from cardboard frames (cut from cereal packets) that were then painted. For the mirror we used foil and for the picture you could use a photo (passport photos of your family would be awesome!), pictures from a magazine or your own artwork. Glue on to the card, or for a more 3D feel, glue to the back of the frame.
  • The chair is made from another section of cardboard roll that’s been cut to make a back for the chair and then painted. The bed is the top section of a box that contained tea bags. It’s been painted and we are also planning on cutting some fabric up for a blanket to go inside it.


  • The garden table and umbrella are made from cereal packet cardboard, with rolled up, sellotaped paper for the umbrella pole. The chairs are cut from an eggbox and painted.  We plan to get some greengrocer’s grass to use as a garden for the house, that it can just stand on when you’re playing – or you could even line the inside of the lid of the house (the front of the house) with it and use that, face down, as your garden.

Here are some more ideas we found…

  • For wall art you could use hama/perler beads, like these cute creations from the Happy Doodle Land blog.


  • The Martha Stewart site has a tutorial for a popsicle (ice lolly) stick house, we think this would also be a great idea for furniture like a sofa, a table or a bed.


  • They also have a blog post about rock/pebble crafts, we thought you could paint a cat or a dog on a pebble to be your dollhouse pet.


  • We love these Matchbox Monsters from Chez Beeper Bebe, which is another great idea for dollhouse beds.


The dolls are up next, so see you soon!