We’ve been gathering supplies to make our doll’s house residents, but in the meantime Ruby created a fun little project with endless possibilities.

There are always a lot of supplements from the Sunday papers lying around our house at the weekend. All of us at Ruby Makes love a bit of cutting and sticking, so it’s only ever scraps and skeletons of these magazines that end up in the recycling bin. One of Ruby’s favourite interests is fashion, so yesterday she made a mini look book from pictures that she either found or created as a collage:

You can easily make your own zine this way using pictures from catalogues, magazines, papers or comics. You could make it a fanzine, where you showcase a band you love, or maybe a football team or a tv show. You could create one for your favourite hobby or about something you collect. You don’t need to cut and stick either, you could illustrate yours by hand or using the computer. Maybe you could print a few copies off for your friends – or have them contribute articles so you have your own newspaper or newsletter. It may even be something your teacher would be interested in as a class project.

Ruby’s magazine is made from folded sheets of paper, which we think is the simplest method, if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, here are a couple of other techniques we like:

Folded Paper Mini Album by Papervine

Click here for the excellent tutorial.


Mini Book Tutorial by Ruth Bleakley

Also a great tutorial which you can find here.

What did you make?