Soooo, maybe we mentioned something about a step-by-step costume post, maybe. But at the start of the week, good intentions firing on all cylinders,  we got asked to look after a friend’s dog and had a school trip and suddenly realised…we just didn’t have enough time to fit it all in. So here’s the deal. We took some photos and you can see them, and we won’t tell anyone about the whole tutorial thing…right?

Ruby wanted to be a Catrina this year, a Dia Des Los Muertos lady replete with sugar skull make up, a veil, flowers and beautiful dress. We started with the make up which was way easier to do with face paints:

For her costume she wore an old prom dress of mine which was black and quite gothic, and we made a veil from an old net curtain. We had made red paper flowers to use as a headband, but it was pouring down with rain outside, so we made some waterproof black roses from bin bags – really easy – just twisted and scrunched into rose shapes then taped in place.

Max wanted to be a zombie biker. He wore a t shirt, jeans and a leather jacket (which he already owned, because he’s a dude!) We borrowed a skate boarder’s helmet off a neighbour, found a pair of old sunglasses in a drawer and used big bro’s scarf. Add a bit of facepaint (he was still slightly green this morning and tried to fake a day off school saying “But I look really sick!”) and we were done:

Then some of our cousins arrived and we were off!

We were cold and soaked through when we got back, but the main thing was – the candy buckets were full! Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. Next up on the Ruby Makes calendar is Bonfire Night, with a firework themed fashion makeover…stay tuned!