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Soooo, maybe we mentioned something about a step-by-step costume post, maybe. But at the start of the week, good intentions firing on all cylinders,  we got asked to look after a friend’s dog and had a school trip and suddenly realised…we just didn’t have enough time to fit it all in. So here’s the deal. We took some photos and you can see them, and we won’t tell anyone about the whole tutorial thing…right?

Ruby wanted to be a Catrina this year, a Dia Des Los Muertos lady replete with sugar skull make up, a veil, flowers and beautiful dress. We started with the make up which was way easier to do with face paints:

For her costume she wore an old prom dress of mine which was black and quite gothic, and we made a veil from an old net curtain. We had made red paper flowers to use as a headband, but it was pouring down with rain outside, so we made some waterproof black roses from bin bags – really easy – just twisted and scrunched into rose shapes then taped in place.

Max wanted to be a zombie biker. He wore a t shirt, jeans and a leather jacket (which he already owned, because he’s a dude!) We borrowed a skate boarder’s helmet off a neighbour, found a pair of old sunglasses in a drawer and used big bro’s scarf. Add a bit of facepaint (he was still slightly green this morning and tried to fake a day off school saying “But I look really sick!”) and we were done:

Then some of our cousins arrived and we were off!

We were cold and soaked through when we got back, but the main thing was – the candy buckets were full! Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. Next up on the Ruby Makes calendar is Bonfire Night, with a firework themed fashion makeover…stay tuned!


We’re so fly here at Ruby Makes, that Ruby has emailed in this week’s make from her half term break with her cousins! So, staying on topic with our Halloween themed month, we present…

Ruby and Amy used a pumpkin carving kit, that came with carving tools and templates for pumpkin faces. If you can’t get hold of one of these, fret not,

You Will Need:

A pumpkin

A pen

A knife

A spoon

A tealight or small candle

  • First cut a lid out of the top part of your pumpkin and put it to one side.
  • Scoop out the seeds and flesh with a spoon.

  • If you are using a template, secure it firmly to the pumpkin and use a tool or skewer or the tip of a knife to prick along the lines of the template. If you are going free hand, simply draw your design directly on to the pumpkin with a pen.
  • Then, again using a tool or a knife, cut out your shapes.

  • When you’ve finished carving, put your lit candle or tealight inside and replace the lid. Congratulations, you’re done!

As a rule, we only trick or treat on people who have pumpkins or Halloween decorations on display. Carved pumpkins were originally used for Harvest celebrations before they became a Halloween icon. In England, Scotland and Ireland vegetables like turnips and swedes were used, but immigrants to North America found the pumpkin more suitable and available.  The first recorded use of a carved pumpkin lantern for Halloween is 1866.

We’d love to see how your pumpkins turn out!

We’re busy working on this year’s costumes, something we love doing. There are so many cool Halloween items in the shops right now, but it can end up getting very expensive and as you know, we at Ruby Makes love to upcycle whenever we can. Your costume can very likely be made from things you’ll find you already have at home.

Think about what you’d like to be. Do you own any clothes that could be used for your outfit? Are you allowed to alter them (cut them up, paint on them etc)? If you’re not, think of ways you could temporarily customise like taping, sewing or safety pinning bits on, layering up – there’s a way ’round most problems if you stop and have a good brainstorm.

Here are some past outfits from our Halloween collection, all of our “make up” is done with face paints which you can pick up fairly cheaply this time of year.

                                                                       The Mummy

This outfit did take a long time to put together, but was very simple. We sewed crepe bandages to a long sleeved t shirt and some jogging bottoms using a basic running stitch. After Halloween the bandages were easily removed with a few snips from our scissors.


The Halloween classic! We cut up an old t-shirt and splashed it with fake blood from The Pound Shop (dollar store), wrapped some bloody crepe bandages round the head and went mad with the face paints. This costume is perfect if you have any old, spare clothes – it doesn’t matter if the clothes are too big for you, it just adds to that ravaged zombie look. Alternatively you could pick up some bargains from a charity shop if you have nothing to zombify at home.

                                                                             Corpse Bride

If you have a dressing up stash it can come in really handy at Halloween. This was an old Barbie wedding dress, which came with a veil. We teamed it up with lace gloves (which Ruby also already owned) and face paints and blue hair spray provided the rest of the look.

We won’t let you in on our costumes for this year just yet, but we will be using face paints and clothes from our wardrobes…

…stay tuned!

Today we were looking through an awesome old book, who’s brilliant illustrations inspired this spooky make. The book is called Witches and is written and illustrated by Colin Hawkins. Ruby’s Grandad bought it for me when I was Ruby’s age!

We have been wanting to show you how to make box cards for a while, they are simple to put together, but  look very impressive. So when we saw this fantastic witch’s house in our book we instantly thought – aha! Haunted house box cards. You could send them as invites to a Halloween party, or simply as a monstrous message to a friend 😀

You will need:

Card (black or white)



A pencil or a silver pen or coloured pens/paints.

  • Firstly take a rectangle of card (fig. 1)
  • Fold it in half (so you have a square shape) and cut two slits in to the folded edge (fig. 2)
  • Bend the flap up and crease it (fig. 3)
  • Then open the card out and push the flap through (you will need to crease it in the opposite direction) so when you stand the card up it has a 3D box in the front  (fig. 4 and 5)

  • If you would like two or even three tiers, follow the instructions in the diagram below.

  • Now you are ready to design your house. On a separate piece of card (we had some left over after we cut our rectangle out) draw a haunted, creepy looking house. If you have more than one tier on your card, do the house in separate bits to add to the pop up, 3D effect. We drew ours in pencil on black card, a silver pen would also look awesome. You may want to decorate the box card background, or use white card or paint the whole card in colour – feel free to put your own spin on it.
  • Cut out your house parts, glue to the front of each tier and you’re done!

A haunted house is just one idea, maybe you could try making Dracula’s castle, a graveyard full of dancing skeletons, Frankenstein’s lab…whatever you decide, we’d love to see what you made 🙂

“What’s going on?!” We hear you cry, “Two posts in two days…are they ill?”  Fret not! We’re fine, we assure you, we just found some more awesome Halloween stuff that we couldn’t wait to share 😀

The free photo editing site, PicMonkey have a spooktacular new set of Halloween themes for you to get your candy covered little claws in to. You don’t even need to register with the site, simply upload a photo of yourself and become…

…A Vampire…


…A Zombie…


A Sugar Skull.

There are also witches, demons and a cute trick or treat theme to try. Then save the file to your computer, print out your spooky pic, use it as your desktop background – whatever you like. Have fun!

Our creepy make for today is an awesome idea from our lovely cousins, Faith and Maisy. Faith showed us how to make these fantastic biting bookmarks, so we could share the tutorial with you.

You will need:

Coloured or patterned paper or card (either is fine, card will probably last a bit longer)

A piece of white paper

A black pen



  • Start with a square of paper, 13cm by 13cm.
  • Fold it in half to make a rectangle, then fold in half again so you have a small square. Crease well.
  • Open the paper back out and cut out one of the squares.

  • Next fold the two end squares in half to make triangles. Crease well.
  • Cut the outer half of the triangle off.
  • Fold one triangle over so that it covers the top half of your remaining square.
  • Put some glue on it and then fold the other triangle over on top of it. Leave to dry.
  • Place the bookmark over a corner of your white paper and draw some fangs (on the white paper), then cut them out and stick to your bookmark.

  • With your black pen, draw some fierce eyes on the white paper and cut these out and stick to your bookmark.
  • Leave it to dry and it’s ready to use! Attach it to the corner of your page to mark your place.

It’s such a simple idea and you could go as crazy and spooky with it as you like. Make your bookmark into a werewolf by using brown paper and attaching ears, or maybe a vampire with white paper, black hair and red inside the mouth. We’d love to see what you make!


We love Harry Potter, which led us – in our mission to bring you Halloween inspired makes only this month – to brainstorm this tasty treat, Snitch Cake Pops! They’d be great for trick-or-treaters, a Halloween buffet or just plain ole piggin’ out 😀

You will need:

12 plain sponge fairy cakes

Betty Crocker buttercream style vanilla icing

white chocolate (we used a bag of Milky Bar Buttons)

Dr Oetker Gold Shimmer Spray

skewers or cake pop sticks

plain white paper


  • Crumble up your sponges in to a bowl. We used eight in total, it’s better to have some spare incase your mixture is too loose.
  • Add the buttercream to the crumbs. Three large desert spoons were enough for us. Mix well.
  • Shape the mixture in to balls using your hands, then let them chill in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
  • When they’ve chilled, melt your chocolate and coat the cake balls in it. This part is a bit tricky and very messy. Insert your sticks then put them back in the fridge to chill for about an hour.

  • While you’re waiting you can make the wings. Take a small square of white paper, about 4 or 5cm wide. Fold it over in to a triangle.
  • Fold again so you have an even smaller triangle.
  • Make some cuts as we’ve shown in the picture below.
  • Open the paper right out, put a bit of glue down the center line and stick on to a bit of skewer that you’ve trimmed to size (or you could use a cocktail stick instead.) Make two for each snitch.

  • Next spray the snitches with the gold shimmer spray. This was also quite messy, so we stuck all our cake pops in to half a watermelon so we could do them all in one go.

  • Lastly stick a pair of wings in to each snitch…and you’re done!