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Forget the parrots and the eyepatches, you know what every sea faring pirate really needs? A telescope! How else will he spot his treasure island from afar?!

This make is super quick and easy and uses our favourite household craft item, the cardboard loo roll tube. We’ve previously shown you how you can use them to make a racetrack game and a cardboard critter, so now prepare for the next item in your repertoire…

You will need:

3 loo roll tubes


masking tape


brown and gold paint

a paintbrush

felt tip pens

white tissue or tracing paper

  • Cut a tube all the way down lengthways and roll it back up so that it fits into one of the other tubes.
  • Tape the overlapping sides together so it remains it’s new, smaller size.
  • Then take the remaining tube and repeat the steps, so that it fits inside the smaller tube you just made.



  • Glue each roll in place, one inside the other, so you have your basic telescope model.
  • On your tissue/tracing paper, draw a circle by measuring around the biggest end of the telescope.
  • Paint the whole telescope brown and leave to dry.
  • While this is drying, draw a desert island scene in the circle on your paper. Cut out 1cm around the circle and then cut little darts in the excess paper so that you can tape it to the base of the telescope.
  • Put another piece of tape around the smaller end of the telescope and paint both pieces of tape gold.

And you’re done! Arrrrr!! You will see why we used thin paper for the island picture when you hold your telescope up to the light and look through it 😉


We love magnets, the front of our fridge is crammed with them! Homemade magnets are the best because you can turn literally anything in to one by sticking a small craft magnet to it. They’re really cheap, we bought a hundred for under £4, including postage. Check out sites like ebay or your local craft store.

Here’s a nifty little idea to get you started…

You Will Need:

Small, round magnets

Glass beads, the type used to fill decorative vases etc

Pictures from photos or a magazine


Clear drying glue

  • Cut out pictures from magazines, you could use letters to make an alphabet or spell out certain words, see what you can find!
  • Draw round your glass bead and cut the picture out to the right size.
  • Put some glue on the flat side of your bead and glue the picture to it. Now put some glue on your magnet (the anti magnetic side usually has a circle indented in to it, glue this side otherwise it won’t work) and leave to dry.
  • Hey presto, mini magnets!

Here are some more great ideas we found via Pinterest to help inspire you…

Alphabet Magnets from Everyday Art

Bottletop Magnets from How About Orange

Glitter Magnets from Microwave Girl

We’ve seen lots of other cool ideas like using Scrabble tiles and other gaming counters, small plastic toys, handmade fimo creations…what did you make?