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Forget the parrots and the eyepatches, you know what every sea faring pirate really needs? A telescope! How else will he spot his treasure island from afar?!

This make is super quick and easy and uses our favourite household craft item, the cardboard loo roll tube. We’ve previously shown you how you can use them to make a racetrack game and a cardboard critter, so now prepare for the next item in your repertoire…

You will need:

3 loo roll tubes


masking tape


brown and gold paint

a paintbrush

felt tip pens

white tissue or tracing paper

  • Cut a tube all the way down lengthways and roll it back up so that it fits into one of the other tubes.
  • Tape the overlapping sides together so it remains it’s new, smaller size.
  • Then take the remaining tube and repeat the steps, so that it fits inside the smaller tube you just made.



  • Glue each roll in place, one inside the other, so you have your basic telescope model.
  • On your tissue/tracing paper, draw a circle by measuring around the biggest end of the telescope.
  • Paint the whole telescope brown and leave to dry.
  • While this is drying, draw a desert island scene in the circle on your paper. Cut out 1cm around the circle and then cut little darts in the excess paper so that you can tape it to the base of the telescope.
  • Put another piece of tape around the smaller end of the telescope and paint both pieces of tape gold.

And you’re done! Arrrrr!! You will see why we used thin paper for the island picture when you hold your telescope up to the light and look through it 😉


One of the many crafts we love looking at on Pinterest, are painted rocks and pebbles. We’re always on the lookout for flat or oddly shaped stones to decorate. You can paint pictures on them as if they were a tiny canvas, make creatures or even paint them as trees, houses, cars and people for a tiny rock town. We also seem to have amassed a collection of Altoid tins, so after a little brainstorming to combine the two we present…

Pet Rocks

Pet Rocks

You will need:

1 or 2 pebbles, small enough to fit in the tin with the lid closed

An Altoids (or similar) tin

Googly eyes


Paints and brushes

A scrap of fabric

Fimo or air drying clay

  • First, paint your rocks. You can add detail with a pen when the paint is dry if you like. We kept our rock pets quite simple, but for some more detailed inspiration, check out these amazing creatures!

(From the book: Painting Stones by Doris Epple and G. Verdant.)

  • You can paint or draw the eyes on, but we stuck googly eyes on ours. You can get bags of assorted sizes in most craft shops quite cheaply. You don’t have to stick to two eyes either, maybe your creature has three eyes, eyes in the back of it’s head, it could even be a cyclops!

Our rock pets

  • Next, decorate your tin. We painted the inside of ours – it helps to line it with paper or a thin fabric like calico first. Then used scrapbooking paper and a sparkly decal and glitter glue to decorate the lid.

Outside     Inside

  • We then cut a little blanket from a scrap of fleecy fabric and made a plate, mug and food from polymer clay. We used white clay and painted the details on after it had been baked.

Picnic time!

And you’re done! If you make your own pet rocks, leave us a link in the comments section – we’d love to see your creations!

Our next make, later this week, will be a Valentine’s Day gift, so stay tuned…

Our creepy make for today is an awesome idea from our lovely cousins, Faith and Maisy. Faith showed us how to make these fantastic biting bookmarks, so we could share the tutorial with you.

You will need:

Coloured or patterned paper or card (either is fine, card will probably last a bit longer)

A piece of white paper

A black pen



  • Start with a square of paper, 13cm by 13cm.
  • Fold it in half to make a rectangle, then fold in half again so you have a small square. Crease well.
  • Open the paper back out and cut out one of the squares.

  • Next fold the two end squares in half to make triangles. Crease well.
  • Cut the outer half of the triangle off.
  • Fold one triangle over so that it covers the top half of your remaining square.
  • Put some glue on it and then fold the other triangle over on top of it. Leave to dry.
  • Place the bookmark over a corner of your white paper and draw some fangs (on the white paper), then cut them out and stick to your bookmark.

  • With your black pen, draw some fierce eyes on the white paper and cut these out and stick to your bookmark.
  • Leave it to dry and it’s ready to use! Attach it to the corner of your page to mark your place.

It’s such a simple idea and you could go as crazy and spooky with it as you like. Make your bookmark into a werewolf by using brown paper and attaching ears, or maybe a vampire with white paper, black hair and red inside the mouth. We’d love to see what you make!


Drumroll please…we have finished the doll’s house project. Ain’t no procrastinators here!

So, unlike your headmaster at a school assembly, we shall waste no time with chit chat and get straight to the point…

You will need:

Wooden clothes pegs ( for as many people as you want to make)

A saw and sandpaper

An old magazine or some fabric



Paint and brushes

Sharpie markers

  • You need the one piece pegs, that don’t have springs. So they fit inside your house, you will need to saw off all or part of the prongs. Even if you are a pro at sawing, have a grown up with you just incase as it’s quite fiddly sawing small objects. We needed to sand the bottoms of ours afterwards to smooth them off.

  • Next choose some funky textures or patterns (photos of clothes or wallpaper are ideal) from a magazine, or use fabric scraps, to make your doll some clothes. The body part of our peg measured 2cm so we cut out strips this size and glued them around the body. Ruby then cut out little pictures to stick on for detail, you could also use stickers or glue on little gems, ric rac or ribbon – whatever you like!
  • When the glue was dry we painted on hair, then drew on faces with sharpie markers.

And you’re done!

Thanks for sticking with us for longer than anticipated 😀  We’re officially gearing up for Halloween now – we LOVE trick-or-treating! – so stay tuned for Halloween costume makes and ideas…

We’ve been gathering supplies to make our doll’s house residents, but in the meantime Ruby created a fun little project with endless possibilities.

There are always a lot of supplements from the Sunday papers lying around our house at the weekend. All of us at Ruby Makes love a bit of cutting and sticking, so it’s only ever scraps and skeletons of these magazines that end up in the recycling bin. One of Ruby’s favourite interests is fashion, so yesterday she made a mini look book from pictures that she either found or created as a collage:

You can easily make your own zine this way using pictures from catalogues, magazines, papers or comics. You could make it a fanzine, where you showcase a band you love, or maybe a football team or a tv show. You could create one for your favourite hobby or about something you collect. You don’t need to cut and stick either, you could illustrate yours by hand or using the computer. Maybe you could print a few copies off for your friends – or have them contribute articles so you have your own newspaper or newsletter. It may even be something your teacher would be interested in as a class project.

Ruby’s magazine is made from folded sheets of paper, which we think is the simplest method, if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, here are a couple of other techniques we like:

Folded Paper Mini Album by Papervine

Click here for the excellent tutorial.


Mini Book Tutorial by Ruth Bleakley

Also a great tutorial which you can find here.

What did you make?

It’s not reaaally that we’ve been slacking, honest! Just with the whole back to school thing and then trying to cram weekends with fun stuff (sorry school, but we’re just not that in to you!) the project got a little neglected.

But fear not! Ruby has spent the past few evenings making with a vengeance, so whilst we have yet to make our dolls, we have enough furniture to give you some inspiration.

Making Furniture

You Will Need:

Small cardboard boxes, eggboxes etc


PVA glue






Pipe cleaners

Pictures from magazines etc

We love recycling and junk modelling really is the way forward here. Experiment, get creative – here’s what Ruby has come up with plus some other ideas from the ‘net 🙂


  • The cooker is a small box (that contained stock cubes) painted, details added with pens and paint.
  • The kettle is a section cut from a cardboard roll (clingfilm, much thinner than the ones they use for loo rolls), with a handle from card/ paper and a spout and cord from pipe cleaners.
  • The mirror and framed picture are made from cardboard frames (cut from cereal packets) that were then painted. For the mirror we used foil and for the picture you could use a photo (passport photos of your family would be awesome!), pictures from a magazine or your own artwork. Glue on to the card, or for a more 3D feel, glue to the back of the frame.
  • The chair is made from another section of cardboard roll that’s been cut to make a back for the chair and then painted. The bed is the top section of a box that contained tea bags. It’s been painted and we are also planning on cutting some fabric up for a blanket to go inside it.


  • The garden table and umbrella are made from cereal packet cardboard, with rolled up, sellotaped paper for the umbrella pole. The chairs are cut from an eggbox and painted.  We plan to get some greengrocer’s grass to use as a garden for the house, that it can just stand on when you’re playing – or you could even line the inside of the lid of the house (the front of the house) with it and use that, face down, as your garden.

Here are some more ideas we found…

  • For wall art you could use hama/perler beads, like these cute creations from the Happy Doodle Land blog.


  • The Martha Stewart site has a tutorial for a popsicle (ice lolly) stick house, we think this would also be a great idea for furniture like a sofa, a table or a bed.


  • They also have a blog post about rock/pebble crafts, we thought you could paint a cat or a dog on a pebble to be your dollhouse pet.


  • We love these Matchbox Monsters from Chez Beeper Bebe, which is another great idea for dollhouse beds.


The dolls are up next, so see you soon!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the craft area!…

As promised, though possibly a day late, here is the next step in our dollhouse project:

Decorating The House

You will need:



Tissue paper

Card/thin cardboard

Fabric or patterned paper



  • Before we got decorating we looked at different styles of houses on the internet. The style we have chosen is quite a traditional dollhouse one, but it’s really up to you how you want your house to look. It doesn’t even have to be a dollhouse – it could be a mad scientist’s lab, a shop, a Pokemon Centre, a Moshi Monster home, a haunted house, a toy’s hospital, a vets, a cafe, a Gormiti lair…as usual, let your imagination go wild!
  • Let’s start with the inside. Again you have lots of options. You can paint your walls, you could wallpaper them with pictures from magazines, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or material. We chose to use fabric. An easy way to make sure you cut your paper/material etc to the right size is to push a scrap of newspaper into the house and use your fingers to crease around the sides of the wall (fig. 1)
  • Then you cut around the creases and use the newspaper as a template for your fabric, which you then glue in to place (fig. 2)
  • We cut our material slightly longer at the bottom so it overlaps on to the floor. That way when you put your floor in it looks nice and neat with no gaps showing (fig. 3)
  • For the floor you could use more material, maybe some cord or felt, you could use card, cork tiles or – if like us – you have scraps of old lino or carpet lying around, use that! (fig. 4 & 5) Use your glue to attach it. You could even make rugs to fit your house using our rag rug tutorial.



  • For the outside, pick what colour/s you’d like your house to be and get painting! You can add details when the paint is dry with pens, or you can do slightly different coloured layers of paint and use an old pencil or crafting tool to scrape patterns in to a wet layer of paint so the layers underneath show through. We used this for a tile effect on our roof (fig. 1)
  • When we had finished painting and the house was dry, we added some white trim which we cut from card and glued on (fig. 2)
  • If you do this remember to leave a gap to ensure you can still fit your lid on to the box (fig. 3)
  • Then we used more card and tissue paper to glue on windows and a door (fig. 4)



  • For a final bit of colour we added a rose bush growing around the door of our house. We spread glue on the area we wanted covered and scrunched up tiny balls of tissue paper for the bush and roses.

And we are almost done!! Stay tuned for the final stage…making dolls and furniture.